What do you do?

What do you do, when you write and write and redraft, and edit, and do it all again and again and again, then send the resulting stories out into the world, and no one wants them? What do you do?

I think I’ve got used to rejection. It still stings*. Sometimes I even cry – those emails always seem to arrive when I’m depleted. And I’d be lying if I said that I don’t sometimes toy with the idea of just giving up. BUT I HAVEN’T. And I won’t. I keep looking for somewhere else to send those stories, my stories. It’s an act of faith in my work, in my worth as a writer. Even if I don’t fit my stories don’t fit anywhere.


*Actually, it hurts like hell.


N.B. This is a rhetorical question, by the way.


2 thoughts on “What do you do?”

  1. Ach, it’s such a subjective thing, storytelling. You know that already. There are so many reasons a journal will reject a piece – they might already have said yes to something similar, they might be subconsciously theming, they might hate stories about loss and love stories about foxes. Also, sometimes I feel like a story has been rejected loads and the. I see I’ve only ever sent it to two places, but in my heart it feels like thousands. Keep on truckin’

  2. What Sara said, especially the bit about keeping on writing. But if it’s really knocking your confidence, how about sharing some stories with a writing group or friends, and ask for constructive feedback? I don’t like sharing my drafts, but a lot of people do. Also the tweet by Kirsty Logan that I have probably lost… ah! Google is my friend: here.

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