Sometimes, or rather, more often than not, it takes something simple to remind me that Life, capital L, Life, could be as limitless as the sky. Could be. Living in the subjunctive mood means being open, to wish fulfillment, to fantasy, to the dream world, to the possibility of magic. There is everything under the sky, and, perhaps more. Perhaps.

The world is everything that is the case, said Wittgenstein, a statement that is both austere and beautiful. But this photograph reminds me that there is more. There is the world we can know through our senses, and there is the world we can know through our dreams. We were not made to fly, except in dreams, and wishes, and fairy tales. And yet, we found the way to reach the sky, to touch, and surpass it.


AmpersandMy daughter, my beautiful ten year old daughter took this photo. She sees magic in everything, and that is everything that is the case.


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  1. What a lovely and philosophical piece, AJ. Thanks for sharing the thought and your daughter’s picture.

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