Some things I like

Here are some things I like, some new, some rediscovered. They help me feel a little bit better.


These sneakers are new, and I love them. The socks are not new, but are very purple, and, unusually for me, not stripy. But that’s okay.

Converse All Stars


Here is my new lipstick by NARS, Dolce Vita: a natural looking my lips but better sort of colour. Here also is my new favourite eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon in Golden Quartz. I like how it makes my eyes look. (No I don’t. I bloody LOVE how it enhances my eye colour. So there.) Here also is Elderflower eye gel, from the Body Shop. This soothed my overworked and aching eyes through A’Levels, back in the last century. It smells so simple and clean and fresh, and is perfect for those enervating late nights in front of the computer screen.

Lovely things


This is why I love the eyeliner.



And a lovely film that I rediscovered recently: it’s romantic, and sweet, and funny and hopeful, and it has La Boheme threaded through it too. And it’s keeping me company right now.


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