Should do better

Procrastination is a well known condition for most writers. And I’m really very good at it; better, in fact, than I am at writing. Or so it seems, judging by my luck with submissions recently. And if I’m not good enough, why should I bother? Why not play just one more game of patience, make one more cup of coffee,  have half half an hour longer in bed? Procrastination is creeping into everything – in fact, since I started this oh so brief post, I have stopped to do something else more than a dozen times. I am procrastinating to the point of self-sabotage, to paralysis even. And it has got to stop, so I can start again. I want to be a writer again. So I MUST do better.


3 thoughts on “Should do better”

  1. Did you ever wonder why procrastination starts with “pro”? What’s pro about it? I’ve been procrastinating everything for almost 4 weeks now, only manage to get things done that absolutely have to be done. If I manage to figure out where all motivation is being kept, I will be sure to send your way. I hope you find your way out of the procrastination zone soon. I will keep good thoughts for you. Francine

  2. Ah yes. Coffee, newspaper, fruit drop, stroke cat, check mail, read. A dozen distractions is quite a coup! Couple of thoughts: are you trying to write something you don’t really want to? When you know what you want to do, could you set a timer for, say, fifteen minutes and write like fury, with reward at the end? (The psychologist in me recalls how effective this can be.) Or are you just full of coffee? Whatever, I wouldn’t stop submitting. My way is to check what kind of thing a particular comp has liked in the past and use that to drive (even if obliquely) your own entry. You could keep a copy of all your entries together and eventually self-publish them! Good luck. Did you get to the end of this without going away?

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