It only hurts when I move.

Christmas, frankly, has been a bit rubbish so far. Starting Christmas Eve on a sleep deficit that would run into the small hours of Christmas morning (44 hours in total before my body and mind gave up fighting), before retiring early to bed after Christmas dinner – which I cooked (it was delicious, of course). Nearly three days later, somewhat less germ ridden, and bored with being in bed, I got up, and sping! My back went. 

Marvellous, isn’t it?

Still, I have managed to cook and eat some bubble and squeak, so Christmas IS now properly happening. (Finally!) It will probably be another two days before I need to eat again, so that’s a mercy. In the meantime, as painkillers aren’t really doing much of anything, I am cheerfully taking gin. We’ll see what happens when I try to get out of this chair.


It would be nice to start the New Year with some seasonal magic, so fingers crossed…


3 thoughts on “It only hurts when I move.”

  1. I’ve found that drink,in my case beer, helps pain pills work but like you’ve found they work until you have to move, haven’t quite figured that out yet. I’m sorry you’ve not been well & that insomnia is bothering you again, I hope back & everything else sorts itself by New Year. until back is better try to always think before moving, body has tendency to forget & just move & there goes pain again. Take care honey.

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