Society is sick.

There is a sickness in society. It undermines all the beauty and truth there is to be found in living. It subverts every notion of common human decency. Wherever you are in the world, it is statistically likely that you will know someone who carries this perversion inside them. You may not know that you know them; you may think that in fact everyone you know shares your values. But they always give themselves away. The ones that hide in plain sight, that is. There are others who congregate, wearing their sickness for all to see. But that’s all right, because we know to avoid them. It’s the ones who mostly keep it quiet who are the real worry, because who knows to what lengths they will go to spread their perversion, undermining the fundamental concept of the defining principle of what it means to be human: LOVE.

Homophobes. They make me sick.

A couple of days ago I learned that I too had a homophobe in my circle of online acquaintances. I found this out because, evidently frustrated by the (glacially-paced) political shift towards equality under law for gay marriage, he chose to vent his feelings on his Facebook wall. Fair enough, it’s his wall. And of course everyone should be free to express their personal opinions, however misguided I or anyone else may consider them to be. But the point is, his ventings showed up in my timeline. And I was offended. Offended to the point of fury. That anyone can consider it right to deny the rights, privileges and freedoms that they enjoy as a matter of course, enshrined and protected by law, to anyone else because they disapprove of something fundamental in someone else’s being, is bigoted. Pure and simple. To label homosexuality as an ‘alternative lifestyle’ is insulting, since it implies that being gay is a choice. It isn’t. It’s no more a choice than being black is, or being female. Either you are, or you are not. But of course what this is about, is fear. Fear of people. Or rather, fear of other people. Tragic, really.

So. In response to the sadly poisonous outburst, I made a stand on my Facebook wall, as follows:

Dear people, Facebook friends new and old, know this:

I take homophobia very seriously. I strongly support marriage for EVERYONE, regardless of who they fall in love with. If you love someone strongly enough to want to make that public commitment, then you should be as entitled to do it as the next couple, with the same rights and privileges under law, REGARDLESS of your gender. I refuse to accept that it is right to oppress human beings in what is basically the most fundamentally important concept of humanity – that’s LOVE, people – just because some people feel threatened by it. IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS.
So. If anyone chooses to take issue with this, please, feel free to unfriend me. Because it’s your problem. Not mine.


Anna J G Smith.


2 thoughts on “Society is sick.”

  1. As my husband said, ‘If they’re going to inflict marriage on me, they should inflict it on everyone.’

    Homophobia interests me; who first thought of identifying groups based on their sexual preference? Someone recently dumped, I’d guess. As regards legislation, it’s a nonsense. The fact that it ever became a matter of law implies a societal belief that we should picture people having sex before judging whether to befriend them or attend their parties? That’s a little intrusive and, before breakfast, frankly a bit of an imposition.

    I’ve always thought of homophobes as being a bit pervy — all the thought they put into other people’s sex lives, it’s not natural.

  2. (On a serious note, you only have to look at cases like Alan Turing to see how much wrong can be done by prejudiced beliefs; we owed — owe — the man a national duty of gratitude and yet at the time we as a country did nothing more than ruin his life. Heartbreaking.)

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