Last night…

The benefits of standing barefoot in the garden in the rain are not to be underestimated. The decking, rain-slicked yet still holding some of the day’s warmth, and flecked with fallen rose petals; the pergola, smothered with hundreds of tiny, dark pink roses; lemon balm and thyme spill over from their respective pot and bed, a warmly medicinal scent, clean against the deeper sweetness of honeysuckle and philadelphus. All these things offer a simple restorative to a turbulent mind – and especially if one manages to avoid treading on a slug – when night thoughts grow too dark to bear.

But there is something better. To stand in the garden, skin bare to the night rain’s cold caresses, roused to a state of almost wanton wakefulness, is both stimulating and soothing, as I discovered last night. And if it rains again tonight, do not doubt but that I will be doing it again.


4 thoughts on “Last night…”

  1. I didn’t get out there in the end – too snuggly in bed but happily bare foot in the garden at the moment.
    Your garden sounds and looks and smells wonderful!

  2. Oh! The longing you have made me feel! If I close my eyes I can smell the rain & the plants, I can almost feel the rain. I so miss the rain! Thank you for giving this feeling!

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