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     I’m a bit thrilled and flattered to have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and by two such very lovely and erudite bloggers too, Martha Williams, who blogs from a wet rock, and Claudia Cruttwell, who once took a hot water bottle to St Lucia.

So having been nominated, it’s my turn to pass on the blog love, display the award thing, and tell you seven things that you didn’t know – and probably really don’t need to know – about me. I promise to keep it clean…

1. I used to be better more useful around the house. Then writing found me in 2008. Now I don’t care so much.

2. When I was small, I wanted to have pointed ears and blue skin. I did NOT want to be a Smurf.

3. I once ate an entire (small) jar of Marmite, with a teaspoon.

4. I dreamed once that I couldn’t get married because I didn’t have the right knickers on.

5. If I could walk away from my life for a year, I’d spend that year in Sweden.

6. It is very easy to make me cry. (Please don’t.)

7. I once pretended to be a coat hook.

So there you are.

And I nominate…

Claire King, (@ckingwriterKirsty Logan (@kirstylogan), Sally Quilford (@Quillers), Emma Darwin (@emma_darwin), Diane Becker (@DotSeven), Katie Anderson (@KTAndersonBlogs), Adam Horovitz (@adamhorovitz), Jane Prinsep (@janeprinsep), Nan Bovington (@wildhyperbole), M J Wright (@MJWrightNZ), Sara Crowley (@sara_crowley), Alison Bacon (@AliBacon), Gareth L Powell (@garethlpowell), Nik Perring (@nikperring), and Jenny Maltby (@SpiralSkies). In my opinion they all inspire, amuse, and are fearless provokers of thought.

Now back to writing…

(I meant it about the Smurf.)

Updated to add that I know some of the people I’ve nominated will be too busy to pick up the blogging baton, but that’s ok.