Happy Birthday

A year ago today I moved The Circle of Words over from my website to WordPress, and I haven’t looked back. A lot has, and hasn’t happened since then; everything is still very much in transit, in progress, under construction. Even this blog – I decided to make some minor alterations by adding another page dedicated to ‘stuff’, for want of a better word (and when I find that word, I will use it), and to the page about Me. But the point about it all being under construction is apposite, because it is all still an ongoing process; nothing has stopped, or stagnated. Words have been written, pages filled, notes scribbled, and scribbled out. And when I’ve completed this post, I’ll be diving straight back into the chapter I’m writing at the moment.

So I’d better get a move on then; the sun shines and there’s laundry waiting to be hung out.

Last week the ineffably gracious Alison Bacon ( read her blog here ) gave me a Stylish Blogger award, for which I am very grateful, so thank you Ali! It behooves me now to pass it on to two more bloggers. <drum roll please>

Firstly, to Diane Becker, for posts and pictures that have a beautiful stillness, capturing small moments of serenity. And secondly, to Elisha Gabriel for her passion and dedication to the arts. They are both lovely human beings, live with idiosyncratic cats, and they write. (And I’ve met one of them, so far… )

I believe that it is the done thing to reveal two hitherto unknown facts about oneself upon receipt of this award. I suppose I could direct you to the page The Author, for those of you who do not know me. Or I could make something up… I could say something like… the first album I ever bought was The Wombles, when I was 3, and I used to have a secret fetish for eating Maltesers with salt and vinegar crisps. Fact or fiction? You decide :  )


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  1. Thanks for the lovely (blog) compliment. And happy first anniversary to your blog. It’s pretty cool too x

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