Beginning Anew

I have been reading. I have been reading to the exclusion of all else. This has had a beneficial effect upon my brain, for my dreams are vivid again, and stay with me for longer – but I won’t bore you with them. My brain is slipping into a new groove; music once again has its power to redirect sparks and flashes of inspiration down new paths. So I must make a decision. There is a book that I desperately want to read – despite all the unread ones waiting around the house – but I will not allow myself to take it up until I have COMPLETED the novel’s first draft. There, I’ve said it. All other editing of short stories must wait. There are two that I will submit for a thing that I’ll not mention here yet, because all right yes I am superstitious, but they won’t take long to reformat and dispatch. So decision made, I am now going to go out into the rain and count magpies. Perhaps I’ll review the books I’ve been reading another time. In the meantime, I have magic to weave.