When the right words just won’t come, or Elrond’s Elbows

Mercifully – or perhaps not? –  I’m not talking about writing, in this instance. When searching for the mot juste whilst writing, you may have recourse to good old Roget, or similar.( I love Roget’s Thesaurus – I find it invaluable.)  But in conversation, when your brain and your tongue go looking for a word, and the tongue reaches a destination first, and it’s the wrong one, then quite frankly you can look and sound quite remarkably strange. I know I do. For example, the title for this blog is not made up; I was trying to explain to someone how much I have always loved the character Elrond, since I first encountered him in The Hobbit when I was 7 years old. I went on to explain how much I enjoy the actor Hugo Weaving in the film trilogy Lord Of The Rings, and in particular how expressive his eyebrows are. Eyebrows, that was the word I wanted. And would it come? No. I got elbows instead. I said ‘Elrond’s elbows’ out loud, in public, and had to try and recover some sense and a little personal dignity afterwards. Sometimes I wish I could be a cat; know what I mean?