Taking Stock, Part II

2010 is almost done with. 2011 almost ready to begin. And what have I done with the time that has been given to me? I’ve been angry, a lot. I’ve been ridden by the black hag-bitch Depression. I’ve had rotten miserable damned inconvenient back pain. I drove a petrol car for the first – and so far only – time – my husband was terribly brave – it was our first ever brand new car! (Yes, it’s still in one piece.) I had a wonderful time at a friend’s party, drinking Cosmopolitans, and owned up to the vodka hangover the next day. (Note to self, vodka hangovers are vile horrible things, even though Cosmos are delicious.)

What else? I’ve written a lot, I’ve been rejected – and not just by editors – a lot, and I’m gearing up to go through most of all that again. I’ve watched my daughter begin to blossom from a little girl to a more sophisticated, complicated little girl, and am much amused by her frequent exasperation with me ; ‘mu-um’ is becoming a normal noise in this house. We have a lovely time together, mostly being silly, giggling a lot. I love giggling with my daughter – there will definitely be a lot more of that in 2011.

I’ve enjoyed glorious weather in Devon, and in Bulgaria. I’ve listened to music and let it take me to new places in my head. I’ve started this blog; that was pretty momentous, wondering if anyone would ever read it, and you are, and I thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not just shouting into the void. Again, I thank you.

The snow happened – I’ve had my first ever white christmas – so what if snow was not actually falling from the sky in this neck of the Cotswolds? It was still beautiful, and as long as I wear my red wellies, I don’t fall over. Perhaps they are imbued with some sort of super-power…? (Sadly the thaw has set in, and all is now sadly dank and muddy where once it was crisply gleaming white.)

I made sloe gin for the first time, and I’m drinking some now – it is truly delicious and  without the vicious nastiness of a hangover next morning. I have learned that not all friendships are equal, that not all friends are worth the wait when they say one thing and do another, make promises and consistently fail to keep them. I’m better off without them. That lesson has cost me a lot in terms of hours and days of despair; time that I’ll never get back, and can bill no one for. That makes me angry, but que sera, progress is progress, and perhaps one day I’ll achieve some sort of equanimity.

So what’s coming in 2011? Lychees. Every year begins with lychees. Otherwise the only thing I can say with any certainty is that I’ll be turning 40.

Apart from that? Who knows? Bring it on.


8 thoughts on “Taking Stock, Part II”

  1. Hi Anna!
    I followed the link from facebook, and read, and thought I’d leave some comment love.
    I turned 40 almost 2 years ago, am with you on the learning about friends – I’m afraid that never changes, but there are some gems out there if you can sift through the low grade sludge to find them.
    2011 for me will see the finishing of another book, and hopefully through editing and into print, if I can hold off the procrastinating that’s meant it’s not been done for 2010.
    Wishing you love, hugs and cake!

  2. well written, and completely echoing how I am feeling right now. how spooky that I have gotten up out of bed thinking the same thoughts about the past year and the new one about to dawn on us. some kind of brother/sister bond no doubt…….

    if I may share one thing that I have learned this year – we can dwell too much on the past you and I. I am determined to live a bit more in the in the here and now and look forward to the future, but not let it rule my life.

    this reader looks forward to how 2011 will shape you – did anyone mention you will be 40 next year…….? ;o)

  3. Makes me realise I should do some stock-taking of my own. Thanks for your merry quips on the mighty Twitter and all the best for 2011 – in all departments!

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