Day 4

Four days into NaNoWriMo. Four days into the last third of Leaves To The Wind… how do I feel about that? Pleased, mostly. Not euphoric, not yet – need a lot more sleep deprivation to get to that stage – but tired, and fairly certain that what I’m writing is going in the right direction. Last year’s installment was called Winter Stones, this year I came up with the title in the blurred hours between Days 2 and 3; A Darkness of Stars. A lot of the chapters will be rearranged and interchanged – when I eventually get to the editing stage, but in the meantime, it is enough to be just doing it, writing it, becoming reaquainted with the characters…

In the meanwhile, as NaNo devotees – gleefully or glumly – compare wordcounts, jump up and down whenever the NaNoWriMo website crashes, and leave plot ninjas for colleagues who are temporarily stuck, the continued prognostication for the Imminent Death of The Novel steps up a notch or two, based apparently on the assumption that most Nanoers do not understand what editing means, and publishers will be inundated come December with piles of unsolicited, unedited manuscripts. Is this really true? I don’t know. All I know is that among the writing community I am lucky enough to be a part of, no one would be so foolish. And I think that, rather than remark on some of the  Nano-naysayers’ baleful comments currently loading the Twittersphere, I will simply say that if people choose to write whatever they want to write, all in the month of November, with a common goal of completing 50k words, how does that hurt anyone? The Novel has supposedly been doomed since the eighteenth century; NaNoWrimo did not kill it.

As for my word count, so far I’m slightly over target: so I’m happy. And I cannot wait to get back to my own desk later…


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  1. Like the title for your WIP. Good luck with your Nano, Anna. Missing you on the FC Nano forum.

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