Diamond-eyed brilliance

So it’s the August Bank Holiday – no more of those in England until Christmas – and ITV has resumed its Bank Holiday Bond tradition by screening Casino Royale (2006) on its secondary channel. Despite the blatant misogyny, violence, and frequently daft plotting, I have always enjoyed a bit of Bond (although not Roger Moore, apart from The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)). But the best thing about Bond since 1995 has – along with the pretty cars – been the casting of the twinkly-eyed dart-playing genius that is Dame Judi Dench, as M. Alternating seemingly effortlessly – her actress’ art – between the affable and the irascible, the fragile and the unbreakable, she has always been one of my favourite actresses to watch. And it is her diamond-eyed brilliance that inspired the creation last year of a  – so far – minor character in my attempt at a little light space-opera. And now, just as I’m in the middle of editing one short story, wondering what on earth to do with another more recent creation (last week), building/plotting a potential new novel and wondering when I shall get round to picking up the threads of the first novel I started two years ago, Nena Rostreth is beginning to make her presence felt. And my head will be exploding when?