Determined face

Only of course, you can’t see my determined face. Some of you may have though – you have a vague idea of what I’m like. So. The current WIP, La Nouvelle Cendrillon, is almost done. The final re-edit is underway, and I intend to resubmit it tomorrow – if only so I can stop going on about it. Then it will be the turn of another story to be scrutinised; its working title is currently Fear Of Red. I haven’t looked at it at all since finishing the first draft, so we’ll see whether it has potential. And somewhere in my hard drive is a ghost story that I know is a load of over-written and over-wrought gubbins, but there may yet be something salvageable for a competition later in the year. But I have to find it first.

Today is beautiful, but feels as if at one remove from wherever I happen to be – the effects of my daughter’s cold that she has sweetly passed on to me.


4 thoughts on “Determined face”

  1. Bon courage, as they say around here, with your determination and your foozling. Is there an English way of saying bon courage? It’s not ‘good luck’…perhaps ‘may the force be with you’.
    Also, thank you for foozling, which is a new word you have just taught me. Hurrah, from a beautiful (and also slightly coldy) France.

    1. Foozliong is a word of mine own invention – it’s a doing thing and also a state of mind. Bon courage is a lovely phrase that to my way of thinking needs no translation, so merci madame. And germs away!

  2. 🙂 ‘Foozling’. It sounds warm and fuzzy. I like it. I also like your title ‘La Nouvelle Cendrillion’… it has a bestseller ring to it. When shall we see it in stores??

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