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Only of course, you can’t see my determined face. Some of you may have though – you have a vague idea of what I’m like. So. The current WIP, La Nouvelle Cendrillon, is almost done. The final re-edit is underway, and I intend to resubmit it tomorrow – if only so I can stop going on about it. Then it will be the turn of another story to be scrutinised; its working title is currently Fear Of Red. I haven’t looked at it at all since finishing the first draft, so we’ll see whether it has potential. And somewhere in my hard drive is a ghost story that I know is a load of over-written and over-wrought gubbins, but there may yet be something salvageable for a competition later in the year. But I have to find it first.

Today is beautiful, but feels as if at one remove from wherever I happen to be – the effects of my daughter’s cold that she has sweetly passed on to me.